SEPCO Aluminium , Glass & steel Handrail & Guard Manufacturer

To have a part in the prosperity of producing and anodizing aluminum industry, SEPCO industrial & manufacturing company has started its activity of producing different types of profile, handrail and aluminum guards since 2003. Such efforts have led to production of beautiful, light, and resistant goods which are based on national & international standards. Of many reasons for its dominance, application of advanced machines, usage of knowledge and experience of experts in the industry as well as usage of materials of quality, and hiring professional, committed, and skilled staff can be mentioned. SEPCO Company has made efforts to produce goods with high resistance in different climates besides their beauty through using new generation of extrusion press machines, anodizing equipments including different kinds of full-automatic trance rectifiers, various types of washer machines, and chemical & mechanical polishers as well as extruding aluminum pipes and profiles machines. Based on examinations, the useful lifetime of SEPCO’s products, considering different climates, is estimated as 50 years which has been acknowledged regarding architectural and engineering standards.

Factory Tel: 00982832884075-7
Tehran Tel: 00982188789202
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